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Turf Care

Maintaining your EPS Synthetic Turf products is simple and easy. Just follow these tips to ensure your lawn stays retains it beauty long after installation. 




Pick up pet droppings as you normally would on any other surface. Use water to rinse the turf for any remaining particles and urine to keep your turf looking great. Do not power wash feces into turf as it will be harder to get out of the fibers. You may use products like Refresh, Zeolite, or Maxim to eliminate and disinfect odors.

litter and soil free

Leaves / Litter/ Soil

EPS turf is easy to clean, just use a blower to clean up leaves, pick up solids such as pet droppings, in case of odors, use soap and water, brush with broom and then spray off with water. There are also pet urine cleaners, such as Refresh, which is safe for your pets and your turf.

wash out odors


We offer Refresh deodorizer.  Refresh is a live bacteria that is eco-friendly and harmless to pets that features a natural fragrance that resembles freshly cut grass mixed with mountain rain.  This product continues to work long after it has been applied and can be diluted and sprayed directly on the turf.

save time and enjoy your lawn

Stationary Items / High Traffic Areas

Your turf will flatten if items are left on it but just use your turf rake to rake against the grain to fluff it up once again - EPS Turf offers a specific turf rake that will be gentle on the blades. Sweep the turf against its grain to fluff it up.