pet systems

Pet Turf

Our pet grass is especially formulated to be the perfect turf for pet use. It has been optimized with just the right face weight, pile height, and drainage so that it perfectly meets the demands.

Face Weight: 60.0 oz/sq. yd

Pile Height: 1.125 in

Colors: Summer Blend

Backings: Urethane

Pet Turf II - ELPG
Pet System Diagram


Maxim Vet Disinfectant

  1 Quart Bottle


Refresh Odor Eliminator

 1 Quart Bottle

Pet Drain

 4' x 50 ft rolls

Maxim Spray Bottle Disinfectant


pet refresh


pet drain


Emerald Fill Plus Landscape Infill (12/20)

50 lb. bag

Zeo Fill Infill

 50 lb. bag


emerald fill plus landscape


zeo fill infill


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Note: Yarn dye lots can vary from each production run so please note that some minor color variation may occur in products and is not considered a warranty defect.