Urethane Backing

Backing Options



Duraflo is our exclusive, 100% recyclable backing system that is highly permeable with no additional perforations required. This 100% polyolefin system is the most environmentally friendly turf backing on the market.  

Duraflo Backing



Industry standard backing option. Polyurethane is used to lock the fibers in place. This backing option is offered with all of the EPS Turf styles.

Urethane Backing


Polyurethane Foam

This backing option is used primarily for indoor sports applications where some padding is needed to assist in the safety and comfort of the athletes. 5mm foam is most commonly used but 3mm and 8mm options are also available. Not all products are suited for foam. Contact your local Ewing location to find out more.

Polyurethane Foam Backing

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