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Where is EPS Turf available?

You can order EPS Turf through any Ewing Irrigation Store.


Which turf should I buy?

Synthetic turf is very much a personal choice. Some lines have a multicolor blade system that makes them look more natural or they are one tone of green for a darker look. When comparing products, having the actual samples in front of you to compare is the ideal way to choose a product.


How do I order it?

Please contact your local Ewing Irrigation store to place an order. All orders come in 15-foot widths and can be cut to any length (in whole foot increments) of your choosing.


Can I install EPS Turf myself?

The average person can install our turf. Instructions and how to videos are on our website. Always keep in mind that larger rolls can be very heavy (a 15′ x 25′ roll weighs about 200 pounds).

Product Disclaimer of Liability


Can my landscaper install it?

Yes. They are welcome to view all the instructional videos and manuals on this website and contact us with any questions they may have.

Product Disclaimer of Liability


Do EPS Turf come with a warranty?

Yes, it comes with a ten-year warranty. The documentation is at the link below.

10 Year Warranty


What products do I need in addition to the turf?

If your ground is not hard packed, we recommend a sub-base such as crushed granite that will harden the soil so that water and rain will not wash out the base of the turf and cause ripples. You will need landscaping nails/staples that are at least 4′ to 6′ long to anchor your turf. To seam the grass with other pieces, use seam tape and glue. Infill is also recommended to help your turf blades stand up, weigh the turf down and also cool the surface down in hot weather. Infill goes on top of the turf after installation.


Do I need a sub-base and how much do I need?

If your ground is not hard packed, we recommend a sub-base such as crushed granite that will harden the soil so that water and rain will not wash out the base of the turf and cause ripples. You need 1-4 inches of sub-base to properly pack and set for turf installation.


Where can I install turf?

You can install turf anywhere natural grass would be. In addition, it can be installed on concrete for patios, decks, garages, RV pads, roofs, golf areas, indoor training areas, display areas, etc.


Can I add pieces later?

Yes. As long as you make sure you match up the same product and dye lot for the best look. You can seam other types together as well – such as putting green with a fringe. During the production process, colors may vary slightly so make sure to match the dye lot.


How do I take care of EPS Turf?

Basic maintenance is needed to keep it looking its best for many years of use. Make sure leaves and debris are blown or swept up and replace infill as needed to keep blades standing up. A synthetic turf rake can also be used to fluff blades and distribute infill. Wash the blades with a light water spray, make sure pet droppings are picked up regularly, and apply Refresh to kill and eliminate odors and bacteria.


Does turf expand or contract with temperature?

As with carpet or concrete pads, turf will also have a reaction to changes in temperature. This is mainly viewable with very large installation areas and not in small roll installations. For large areas you will need to use nail boards. The turf will also go back to its original size. Most customers do not need to worry about this issue but feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


Can I use EPS Turf for my dogs?

Yes. We recommend that you do not use the putting green for a dog area as it will absorb odors. All other products are great for pet areas. Keep the droppings cleaned up as you would with a natural grass yard. Products such as Refresh, Zeolite, and Maxim are all safe for your lawn, pets, and your family. Refresh is a cleaner and odor eliminator that digests harmful bacteria caused by urine, feces, and other bacteria. Zeolite is a natural odor capturing product made from an organic mineral called Zeolite. Its unique honeycomb structure absorbs ammonia and its odor. Maxim is a veterinarian hospital disinfectant with organic tolerance for any pet use.


Does turf get hot?

In extreme hot temperatures, the turf will get warm. You can spray the turf off with water and it will keep it cooled off for longer periods of time. Applying infill during installation will also help keep the temperature down.


What kind of infill should I use?

We recommend acrylic coated sand. It is safe for your blades, family and pets and is virtually dust free. It will help your blades stand up and weigh the turf down as well.


How much infill do I need?

You will need at least one (2) pounds per square foot, spread with a seed spreader for even installation. Depending on which turf you get, you may need up to three (3) pounds per square foot for lighter weight turf.


Can I install turf on a roof?

Yes you can. It can be anchored with seam tape and glue. Keep in mind that when it rains, it should run off as your roof should be pitched so the weight does not become too much. Duraplay Court Tiles can be used as an underlayment on top of the roof and under the turf to act as a drainage system.


How do I anchor turf on concrete?

Seam tape and glue can be used to install on concrete. Installing infill will also weigh it down.


Can I vacuum the turf?

Yes. Use the highest level off the floor that your vacuum will go. This is only possible if you have no infill installed.


Where are bad areas to install turf?

Never install turf where it will get hit by highly reflective windows. The tremendous heat generated can melt the turf.