The EPS Turf Advantage

EPS Turf is manufactured using the highest quality yarns and backings available today.  Our products are developed using different combinations of polyethylene,  polypropylene, and nylon fibers.  We offer three different backing options including polyurethane, urethane foam, as well as our exclusive 100% recyclable Duraflo backing. EPS Turf is lead free, features a ten-year warranty and comes in a variety of colors and styles for any application.

Ewing is pleased to meet the needs of customers who require a synthetic turf option by providing a selection of styles exclusive to EPS Turf. Ewing has partnered with the industry’s leading synthetic turf manufacturer, Challenger Industries, Inc.,  to bring you quality products that incorporate more than 30 years of manufacturing experience and over 200 years of combined experience. Learn more at the video below.


ever green turf

Always Green, Always Beautiful

Unlike natural grass, EPS synthetic turf lawns will remain lush, vibrant and professionally manicured through all the seasons without the need for irrigation or fertilizers. Synthetic turf comes in a variety of colors and thicknesses to suit personal tastes and blend in with the native surrounding landscapes. 


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Low Maintenance and Hassle Free
For those who are looking to eliminate the time and money spent on maintaining their lawn or landscaping, synthetic turf is the solution. Synthetic turf requires no mowing, watering, insect or weed control, plus it stays green and lush all year round. Spend less time maintaining your lawn and more time enjoying it!


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Environmentally Friendly 
Many states are facing drought situations and instituting restrictions on water usage. Water prices have been on the rise throughout the country, and many people are finding it cost prohibitive to maintain a natural lawn. EPS Turf requires no watering and offers 100% recyclable options (see Duraflo for more information). It eliminates pesticides and fertilizer use, plus it reduces air pollution as it requires no mowing.
*Lead-Free (Lead content is undetectable and is under .005% by weight)


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Efficient Draining, Save Money
EPS Turf is strategically designed to offer controlled drainage in both backing options. 

Our polyurethane option has scientifically spaced perforations that will more effectively control the drainage process to offer added protection for your sub-base.

Our DuraFlo option has a patented process that allows the backing to drain without the need for perforations also protecting your base. 

Products that drain too quickly can erode away your sub-base and cause buckling, resulting in the need for total re-installation.


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Proudly Made in the USA
EPS Turf is committed to providing quality, American Made turf at wholesale prices backed by our family-owned business for 30+ years.