EPS Synthetic Turf

EPS Turf provides high-quality, low maintainance synthetic lawn options for your home.

EPS Turf incorporates a urethane backing that will hold the blades securely in place and will last for 15-20 years. Urethane backing is even strong and durable enough for use on professional athletic fields.

As you consider your synthetic turf options, beware of backing that scrapes o­ff easily, feels rubbery, is light and flexible, has cloth fiber or looks thick and gooey. Backings made of Latex, biodegradable (soy bean oil mix) or other fillers will degrade over time at a faster rate.

EPS Turf offers controlled drainage with scientifically spaced perforations that will more effectively control the drainage process to offer added protection for your sub-base. Products that drain too quickly can erode away your sub-base and cause buckling, resulting in the need for total reinstallation.

Synthetic turf comes in a variety of colors and thicknesses to suit personal tastes and blend in with the regional tones of surrounding landscapes and natural turf areas. It is always recommended to request samples to ensure you receive the material that best suits your needs.

Why Synthetic Turf?

Synthetic turf has witnessed tremendous sales growth in the last five years for many reasons. Many states are facing drought situations and instituting restrictions on water usage. Water prices have been on the rise throughout the country, and many people are finding it cost prohibitive to maintain a natural lawn. More and more consumers are looking for low-maintenance alternatives to traditional turf. Synthetic turf can serve as a solution in areas and applications facing these and other challenges, or for any client who is interested in lowering their turf maintenance associated with mowing, watering and insect and weed control while enjoying turf that will stay green year round.

Featured Products

  • Supreme

    Great product for high traffic areas that incorporates a natural look with a dual color brown and green thatch.

    Tennis Courts

    Popular court sizes and color combos to create kits that offer unmatched value.
  • Premium

    Thickest product line offered with a darker tricolor blade system & green thatch measuring
    1 &5/8 inches.


    Our unique athletic court surfacing provides shock-absorbing technology for a safe surface to play.
  • Classic

    Great for large commercial areas, this product does not have thatch and infill is recommended for the blades to stand tall.


    Court kits come in two sizes and multiple color combinations and can be installed on almost any flat surface.